4 Things to know before asking for business consultant service

Posted On Sep 22, 2020

 Business owners have become recently understand what consultants are, and they spent more money on the association of professional consultants whether brokerage or developer company. The association has recently increased in questions for information from owners who want to grow their real estate business or get into the real estate business as a startup.

The Egyptian market has become more open up for the startup business thinks that more people are getting into real estate because of the recent high demand and supply on the real estate investment. However, business owners may not consider points before startup their business or get into a new market. For example, a real estate developer has launched a project in West Cairo and then looking for another market segment in East Cairo, and after launches, the two project the feedback after-sales were more efficient in West Cairo because the organization structure internally was able to compete in these areas than another. 

Although, getting into the consulting field has become easier because the technology that has helped the business owners to keep up to date for the latest market information and software which seems to be changing mostly monthly in real estate field. 

Things to consider before asking for a business consultant:

Should I ask for a consultancy from my network? The network is a critical way to success in real estate. Begin in building a network of contacts will not always guide you in the way of success that aim to grow your company. 

Should I set a short-term or long-term goal? If your sales plan matches up with quarterly target or match up with project, it takes different directions in building a consulting business that considers before making any more in these directions. 


Before starting asking for a business consulting company you have to know current top companies offers to help grow your business:

Advertising– This type of consultant is normally hired by a brokerage and developers to develop strategic advertising campaigns and brand presence. 

Human development and training– with more and more people you hire, career counsellors will be always in demand. 

Accounting– accounting is every business needs no matter how large or small your company is, from consultants who handle major work for auditing consultants are enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Marketing – helping brokerage and developers in setting marketing plan and generating qualified leads to achieve your sales target.


Ask for RECAP

We are offering business consulting for real estate companies in such an easy marketing tool. When you pass to our company we assign full assessment for every department. It doesn’t take long-term for every department and then after we analyze every department performance we give the owner feedback with recommendations and proposal for every department that meet the organization goals.